Hacking and Making for Hearing Loss

Project: Hacking and Making for Hearing Loss

Researchers:  Aisling Ann O’Kane (University of Bristol), Abdinasir Ali (UCL), Rebecca Zheng (UCL), Britta Schulte (UCL), and Andy Garbett (Newcastle)

Collaborator: Gianluca Trombetta from HearingHacks



This project is a collaboration with HearingHacks, an independent community of hearing aid users, to investigate the issues involved with the adoption of hearing aids and other hearing technologies. Studying a grassroots meet-up group looking to “hack hearing,” we have been able to identify social, cultural, and institutional frustrations with current hearing loss technologies. These frustrations have led to people adopting, adapting, and creating their own bespoke solutions and technologies for hearing loss. As “hearable” consumer electronics are coming onto the market, this is an important and timely subject.