Baby Wearables Used by New Parents

Project: Studying the Usability of “Baby Wearables”

Researchers: Aisling Ann O’Kane, Junqing (Kaylee) Wang, Nikki Newhouse, Geraint Jones, and Kaya de Barbaro

Collaboration between UCL and Georgia Tech, funded by the EU Ubi-Health Consortium


We are running a project to examine the use of “baby wearables” in everyday life. Baby wearables are currently available consumer products that monitor an infant’s vital signs and send this information to parents. However, there is very little information on how these devices are actually adopted and used in people’s everyday lives. We are interested in how mothers would use this system and we are also interested in the user experience of these devices.

The following devices will be used:





We are interested in how mothers would use this system and their experience using the baby wearable device. For their participation, they will be rewarded up to £100 worth of Amazon vouchers.

This non-profit research is supported by the EU Ubi-Health consortium, the EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship, and Georgia Tech.

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Confidentiality and anonymity of all collected data will be maintained and it will not be possible to identify any participants from any publications. All data will be handled in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.